Short Stories

Below are a number of short stories. They are available on Kindle and other formats, and some will be available in print as well. Some have won awards, others I wrote just for fun. Enjoy!

AClockworkHeartCover - v3.jpg

A Clockwork heart: A steampunk short story

Obadiah has the most broken heart in all the land. After months of tracking his sorrows, and weeks hard at work in his workshop, he devises a solution - a clockwork heart. Lilly, his assistant comes, every day to care, feed, and clean up after the town’s inventor. Today is a special day, the day he fixes his heart.
An award-winning short story.
$.99 on Kindle

Doomed Flight of the Majestic by BRC ECover.jpg

Doomed flight of the majestic

Opportunity and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. The only question, which one lands face up. Rex Fielder wants to be a movie director. So, he sold everything he had to get on the maiden voyage of the world’s largest and first luxury airliner, The Majestic. Among the rich and famous passengers, he hopes to find something exciting to film, and prove to a studio he can make a movie. Now he only needs something worthy to film. When the chips are down, sometimes bad luck can be the best luck of all.
"The greatest aviation disaster movie ever made.” – Rex Fielder, director

$.99 on Kindle

Touch the Stars Cover.jpg

Touch the Stars

Hobson Manning spent the last few summers helping Professor Teague build a rocketship with Mac and her ferret, Sprocket. Inspired by his favorite novel, and having watched the stars his whole life, Hobson is ready to depart. However, a few people fear this endeavor and will do anything to sabotage this journey.

Humans have walked the land, and flown through the clouds, now they will touch the stars.

$.99 on Kindle