Book Covers

Need a book cover? Let me help.


Front cover only

A custom front cover for ebooks or simple print jobs. A background image with title and author added. (meant for ebooks) Additional costs may apply for specific images.

Receive: A jpeg and print quality pdf, formatted for size and print quality.

Scribe End of Year BookCover6x9_BW_140 v3.jpg

Front, Back, and Spine

(Full Cover for Paperback Books)

A custom full cover (Front, Back, and Spine) for use with paperback books + Ebook Cover

For more complex images than the front cover only.

Receive: A jpeg and print quality pdf, formatted for the book’s parameters. Plus a front cover only jpg and print quality pdf for ebooks and thumbnails.

Steamtree Cover by BRC.jpg

HardCover and Dust jacket

A custom dust jacket or hardcover (Front, Back, Spine, and Inside Flaps) + the Paperback Cover + Ebook Cover

Receive: A jpeg and print quality pdf, formatted for the book’s size parameters. Two images are sent, including a slightly modified version (a different font or color font) to be used in a poll if you wish.


All covers come with....

A consultation to exchange ideas.

Two mockup images of the cover. Rough drafts, so we are both on the same page and you can hold a poll through your social media if you wish. The mockup is low-res, fine for the web but not suitable for print or ebook.

Final Image Comes with One Final Edit
Once the final image is complete; one round of edits may be made. Any future adjustments will be billed at an hourly rate. (an estimate will be submitted before any additional work.)

File Formats: A jpg and print quality pdf are included. Other formats available. All are photo-composite and digitally manipulated images.

Additional costs: The only additional cost would come from specific images I have to purchase. All purchased images are approved ahead of time. The original file is included with the cover if applicable. this also applies to illustrated covers, the work is contracted out to an illustrator by me, and the cost is included in the invoice.

Don’t worry, we’re going to talk a lot about your cover.


Book Covers I’ve Created…


One note: The final cover, Steamtree, I only did the design and wording. I do not illustrate covers. If you need an illustrator, may I suggest the amazing illustrator who worked on Steamtree and the Iron Chronicles - Jennifer Stolzer. Find more of her work at