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Brad R. Cook
Author and Historian


I see things that never were and say, “Why not?”

Welcome to the roads of my imagination! An oak-lined lane that always leads to adventure. I hope you enjoy these tales, as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Below is information about each series I’ve written. Dive deeper into those stories by visiting their pages. Learn about me, or what I can do for writers. Then stop by to see all my books!


Xena and I,
she ended up in the
Iron Chronicles


The Iron Chronicles - Iron Horsemen, Iron Zulu, and Iron Lotus
High Adventure in the Age of Steam and Steel

Steamtree: The Airdrainium Adventures
Aircities are Slipping. Dragons have Returned. Trees need Climbing.

Tales of the Gearblade - Excited to have a new announcement!
Carried for Centuries, the Sword Remembers

Plus a number of Short Stories
A Clockwork Heart
The Dragon Slayer
Doomed Flight of the Majestic
Touch the Stars

I also wrote for The Scribe: A Literary Magazine by St. Louis Writers Guild
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So what is Steampunk? The easy answer is Historical Fantasy, maybe Victorian What If…
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Enjoy the adventures,

Brad R. Cook


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