Tales of the Gearblade

A new series from the author of The Iron Chronicles

As the world transitions from myth and magic into the mechanized industries, Georgia Bennett stands on the line between the two with the Gearblade. A mechanical folding sword, forged from a fallen star in the flames of old traditions, but engineered for the coming century.

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tales of the gearblade - ep 1 the relic

Sent to retrieve a relic, Georgia finds herself dealing with the villagers who believe a Vampire has been attacking them.
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Tales of the Gearblade - Ep 2 The Mentor

Episode 2: The Mentor - When Georgia arrives at her mentor's house in Scotland, all she finds is the remains of a sword fight. Giving chase by monocycle and airship, Georgia tries to save her mentor before the attackers can flee the country.
Episode 1 ~ The Relic is included with this ebook.

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coming in 2019

Instead of releasing them all the episode individually, I will be releasing the first 3 episodes and then later this year, I will release the novel that includes all six episodes and a bit more. I hope you enjoy Georgia’s first adventure!